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Fresco on wood panels on metal boarding

Artist names: Artists having taken part in this fresco

Laurence Godon
Franck Maurence
Nadja Lanskoy
Patrice Amiaud
Christian Aubineau
Slavo Buzor

Some panels left blank, reserved to the free tagueurs and other free graphics
Topic given: What vehicle the book

Fresco placed along the warehouses of a supermarket, being in a street leading to a college.
Wood panels fixed on metal boardings.
Length: 108 meters.

Books. Sheets carried by the Tramontana*.
Forms, which change, like the ceaseless flow of the words, ideas, transmission of knowledge, messages and dreams.

Tramontana*: Wind of Catalonia

Artistic direction. Training courses, creative framings of groups in workshops.
Interventions methodological and improvisations with or without topics