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Cardboard armchair

Of course, the club armchair is a benchmark of cardboard furniture, but as the examples on this page shows, it is possible with this type of model to produce a multitude of variations, both in terms of forms of degrees difficulty of manufacture. Whether simple or fancier, these armchairs club kind are made by the students on the same type of arrangement with Schmulb methods. Most are "adult" format, designed to receive a seat cushion, foam-like tarpaulin or other.

Cabriolet armchair
Nice cabriolet cardboard armchair made by Laurent

Design armchair
Cardboard armchair ribbon braid style. (expert level). Here is a work that requires a
great deal of skill and Claude who designed and directed, not lacking.

Claudine armchair

Paperboard armchair
Elegant cardboard armchair with a small drawer for remote control tv.
The rear and front faces are inclined.

Cylindrical cardboard armchair
A specifically difficult to achieve with this model cylindrical chair construction,
that Yanfen created during his training in the workshop.
Cardboard seats
Superb achievements cardboard covered with red patterned paper.

Armchair level 1
Conventional level 1 with right front and rear angles

Club paperboard armchair

Painted armchair

Fairy armchairs

Fairy armchair with butterfly wings
to enter the legend of cardboard furniture.
Two small drawers as a mustache.