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Cardboard stool

High stool
With his footstool effectively strengthened and his line elegantly slender.
Here are the high cardboard stool design made by Sandrine during his extensive training.

Cardboard stool
Fun robust siege of Florence.
It looks like a throne with two edges.

stool covered with paper
Martine has learned to do the workshop, the stool cardboard ribbon style, then once she returned home, she carefully overlaid tissue paper.

Stool with lid
A fortress that stool cardboard box with its lid!
The stool is one of the objects that suffers most during use. We swung from right to left and front to back. That's why when designed cardboard; the sructure must be resistant as is the case with Schmulb methods.

Chinese style this seat with his ears and his drawer.

Cardboard furniture

Cardboard stool

Agathe is dancing on his stool.